As well as the persona part of us that we present to the world, there is often the hidden; puzzling and problematic… a source of distress and sometimes shame.

Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Anger, Tears, Sleeplessness - responses to difficult and traumatic events, work and personal relationship problems and life stage transitions (quarter life, becoming a family, divorcing, grieving, retiring). And other common patterns that people may lovingly advise us on:
"You should be happier, more confident" and "why haven’t you realised your personal potential and life goals by now?" 

In all of this there actually is potential, and your own unique story, and a better way of being.
Why suffer alone with some of today's common problems?
Begin to experience life instead of enduring it!
Hidden suffering that can impair our ability to cope well and, at worst, leave us just existing and feeling hopelessly stuck, really can transform with safe space for healthy reflection. Saying out loud can be so much more than a feeling of release (catharsis) although this, in itself is somewhat beneficial. 

For every common problematic experience there exists a wealth of psychological methods for making sense/balancing perspective, problem solving, improving communication, gaining insight into blocks and strengths, easing symptoms, actively working through difficult experiences and improving well-being. Moreover, such space tends to be conducive to the pleasant surprise that is your own individual capacity for expression, for understanding, for knowing yourself, what you value in life and how to shape and enhance your experience in this world.